samedi, mai 31

he keeps calling

I've been thinking about a lot these past days and I wanted to write something about it here. But, do you know what?, I don't want to, not anymore, hahaha. {maybe in an hour, maybe tomorrow, maybe next year}
Aaaaaanyway, moving on... Apart from thinking since last Wednesday, it has been so boring! Plans? I'll try to convince my mother to go shopping tomorrow (it's been a great while since we don't, and I still want a dress, a trench, shoes, a cute scarf and a couple of other things ). If I do convince her, I'll post something here, OK?. Also, I have to go back to school on Monday and I do not want to go! I get so bored at home, I know, but I still don't want to go back to the routine, the homework, the studies, the stress.

Earlier today, I watched The devil wears Prada {third time} with my dad and we laughed a lot. Specially with all the "That's all"s from Miranda.

Sorry. I know this entry is as boring as I am know, but it is something, isn't it?
{BTW, thanks for the comments.}

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Miss at la Playa a dit…

my dad loves Devil Wears Prada too :D