jeudi, juillet 17

why so serious?

Hello, mateys!
Yesterday, I went shopping! FINALLY. It's been months! Anyway, I didn't buy much stuff. Just one tote and a trilby hat in a cute store called Zoo:

BUT I also found some cute other things. Now, I recall of two things: a lovely and femenine light blue blouse and a sort of greyish one shoulder frill dress. Both from Topshop new arrivals, that means expensive. But it's just a matter of time for them to decrease in price. Let's see in a month or less than that (for my birthday!).

Then, at night, I watched El Orfanato, a Spanish movie. It was... a MASTERPIECE, really.
Memorable quote: "No es ver para creer, sino creer para ver".

And today, I went to the cinema to watch the first Batman film that doesn't have "Batman" in the title: The dark knight and I adored it, it's so cool. And Heathy... unbelievably amazing. He absolutely deserves the Oscar! (I have a sort of weakness for villains in this kind of movies, though). It was so magical... I didn't even cry for him. I was so into his performance that I thought that he way still alive, and it felt really good :)
One thing I loved: the stories of the scars in his face.
+ "Let's put a smile on that face"
"Why so serious?"
+ "
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. We're tonight's entertainment"
+ "Introduce a little anarchy, upset the established order... Well then everyone loses their minds!"
+ "I don't want to kill you. What would I do without you?"
+ "I love this job!"

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annie hall a dit…

nononono gracias a vos caaami (ahora en la proxima entrada iba a decir que vos habias hecho la foto del título, pero estoy esperando para ver The Dark Knight)
te adooooro, y gracias a voos (: