dimanche, juillet 20

remember, remember the fifth of november...

...the gun powder treason and plot. I know of no reason why the gun powder treason should ever be forgot.

As you've already noticed, I have a new layout, yes.
I'll tell you about past days.
My first winter holidays week is coming to an end, and it's been quite great. I've watched 9 movies and that's because I'm not counting the ones I've watched on the telly.
Yesterday morning, I went to my uncle's house to do some favour. My dad did something, I joined him to do that something, and my mother and brother stayed home. After that, dad and I met my brother and mother in the mall to have lunch. While we waited for both mum and Mauricio, we bought a present (trainers) for my cousin whose birthday was last Monday. We had lunch at Ruby Tuesday, which is inside the mall, and for dessert, an ice-cream at Munchi's. Next stop: home. I found my dearest friend Carmen, who told me that she actually got the role for the musical Les Misérables, which she wanted so bad, and I can't describe what I felt when she told me. I started screaming in silence (it's a magic trick, I can scream in silence, hahahaha) and jumping all the way around. I think that, for the first time in my life, I felt that happy for another person: my friend. That makes me think about society, the way everyone is so mental, the only thing that everybody wants to do is to screw the other to obtain what they want. Well, I don't speak for EVERYone, but sometimes I feel that it is so much like that. Ultimately, some people don't think for anyone but themselves, and that drives me mad.
AAAAAANYWAY, I felt truly happy for my friend, hahaha.
After having a fresh shower and prepare everything for next day's trip to the mountain, we went back to our uncle, aunt and cousin's place to celebrate our cousin's birthday (that's why we bought the present). First, I went upstairs and spent my time at the computer (interrupted by the tea time/birthday time). Anyway, I got bored and went back downstairs, where the adults were. They were drinking alcohol and having some sort of cocktail, as always, but I just drank one or two glasses of Coke (I was really thirsty after eating those American Crackers).
Suddenly, Vale calls and tells me there's no mountain trip, because there's raining/snowing which makes it impossible to go. So, let's wait for next Saturday.
After the phonecall and some oysters, somebody said karaoke!, and there wasn't so long until my uncle set everything and then he, another uncle, the son of one cousin's girlfriend, my dad and me, started singing on the sofa.

Some funny moments were when...
+ My uncle (the host one) sang New York, New York by Frank Sinatra, and I was like her dancer and made a whole show and both aunt Lily and her sister couldn't stop laughing.
+ We sang twist and rock&roll songs, they were so much fun!
+ My mum sang, that was over the top. Laughs 'til death.
+ My uncle Jorge's performance of Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar. God Almighty! THAT WAS SO FUNNY!
+ My brother's performance: Always by Bon Jovi.
+ My mother's "MERMAID DANCE"!
+ And much more.

Here's the first song I performed alone. This is the proof of my awful singing skils.

Well, everything was amazing. I also kinda' sang with my dad (kind of, because I just stood up besides him singing in low voice) several times, including a song called Con una pala y un Sombrero ("With a shovel and a hat") and I was about to cry, really, because it makes my dad very emotional (though this time he didn't show) and so makes me, but luckily, nobody noticed the 'knot in my throat'.
After that amazing night, we went back home at 2 - 2.30am, and I don't remember too much, because I was truly sleepy.

Today, I woke up quite late, but then my dad and my brother arrived after their usual football match. We prepared and had lunch, and then, my brother and I, watched V for Vendetta. HOLY MOLLY, I LOVED IT! I think that's what has making me thinking. Yes, that movie's got me thinking (hahaha, like that song called That woman's got me drinking, but this is a little different). That movie is responsible for what I said at the beggining of thes blog entry, it's its fault (;
Anyway, everything is quite perfect on that movie and I love that. Yay of V. Yay fot Nat P. Yay for Evey.

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a complete unknown. a dit…

[ todavía me queda pendiente v de vendetta ]
que liiiiiiiinda que debe haber sido esa noche, se te vé divertida, y es muy gracioso el karaoke, una vez fui a algo similar con unos amigos y fue genial. ah, y quedate tranqui que no se te escuchó la voz al cantar, están todos gritando al mismo tiempo jajaja.
que hermoso lo de carmen ! en les miserables ! oh lalá ! que increíble , no ?
eehm ... no sé que más decir, ah, que adoro como te vestís. me dí cuenta que no tengo ropa y que hace mínimo seis años que no voy a un shopping a comprar, pero mi papá me dijo que me va a acompañar al pequeño shopping que hay allá, jajaja. y voy a volver con ropaaaa, y voy a tener ropa al fiiiin, jajajaa.
un beso cami, te adoro :)