mercredi, décembre 24

it's closer

Hello everyone! I'm happy today! It's great to change mood from tired to happy. OK, I'm still very exhausted, but I try to cover it with happiness :D
Why so exhausted?, you may be asking. Two weeks ago, I was in my study trip, which takes away a lot of energy, considering that there were days that you had to wake up at 4am! Well, after that, came my tea party which involves two previous days of just cooking. On Saturday, I was out for 12 hours (I slept 4hours), Cote's birthday was on Sunday and I went to her house, on Monday was her surprise party, along with a bucnch of other things, and I spent more than 12 hours out, mainly walking.
Yesterday, I went to the mall to buy the presents for my family and then to the beautiful Café Paris, to meet with Francisco and Vale. We had a great time and laughed a... lot. Then, we went to Starbucks and I think that's pretty much everything we did ♥.

Luckily, Christmas is tomorrow.

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