lundi, décembre 22

oh em gee

I definitely can't stick to something I planned doing.
That's it: I won't post more entries about my study trip. I'm tired of posting tons of photos each entry. I'm sorry you've missed the best photos I took, but maybe, just maybe, I'll post them someday.

It's been almost a year since Heathy's death and there are times that I still can't assume it :(
Sometimes it is just impossible...
It's been also 36 years since my favourite singer has born! Yes, it's Miss Vanessa Paradis' birthday today.What else? Oh yes, vote for your favourite wallpaper by clicking on the image below. The wallpaper which wins, will be the image of a Christmas card which will be sent to all of the members of the forum and to you if you send your address to

I think that's it! Kisses to everyone!

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