mercredi, juillet 23

and it is completely worth of having

Hello, hello!
Today's entry will be much shorter than last one. Now, I'll just tell the highlights of the day.
Firstly, I woke up pretty early, looked through the window and my eyes were amazed by the wonderful morning. The sky was incredibly clear (and I'm telling you, it is Santiago!!!) and the mountains were perfectly snowed. I love winter mornings.
After some hours, chan chan chaaaaaan! My new nanny told me some package arrived for me, and it was the Vanessa Paradis' Vanessa Paradis (in Italics, because it is the name of her 1992 album) limited edition set that I bought on eBay. That's so cool! I noticed that the seller was from Japan, because of the multiple stamps from Tokyo, but I didn't new if the sender was a he or a she, because his/her name is Hiroyuki.
Well, I've been listening to my first Vanessa Paradis CD all day long, and it sounds amazingly (downloaded songs don't sound the same as the ones from the album).

In the afternoon, Api and Kichi came {Kichi, who knows a bit of Japanese, told me the seller had a femenine name}. We went to Starbucks Coffee and came right back home (when it was already dark), but oh so beautiful. I love winter sunsets too. And the winter sky, actually. We arrived home, we watched 31 minutes videos, read magazines and old ridiculous letters, posted in forums and... nonsense, really. Kichi went first and then, Api and I took a few photos :)

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augustana! a dit…

vuelvo a firmarrrrrrrrrrrr
quiero leer lo que estás leyendo aahhahaha (L)

ignacia a dit…

seems you had the loveliest evening! so sorry i couldnt make it! but... we should repeat it sometime, yknow, with ME! :D

love you, i checked out your other entries as well, but it's 4.43 am (omg :O!!!) now... i'll go to bed :3

love youuuuu