lundi, mai 23


Yesterday, my group and I were preparing for today's presentation of our project and, pretty much everything that could've gone wrong, did. Last night we finished at 1:30am, and I was obviously upset.
Today, we arrived expecting the worst evaluation ever. Our way to the classroom was almost like the road to the gallows. We were told that the PowerPoint presentation was not uploaded on time. Luckily, we had a back-up.
We were the second group to present and the feedback wasn't bad at all! We did kind of... fine! God is on our side, apparently :)

And once that was over, my day went much better. It was a really nice day, in fact

Cee Cee

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gala a dit…

me pasó algo similar con un trabajo en grupo jajaj! que bueno que todo salio bien :D
Saludos Cami♥
ojalá nos podamos ver este fin de semana de nuevo y más tiempo ;D

ignacia maría a dit…

q bueno q todo salió bien :D
y la cabri fue mi orgusho :'D me tomó como dos horas xd