dimanche, mai 22

comic con chile♥

Yesterday, I went to the first Comic Con held in Chile. I had such a great time, especially because I went with my friends. We acted like total nerds and it was awesome. It was all about comics, super heroes, villains, Harry Potter, Glee, Star Wars, Star Trek, X-Men, among others. It all felt almost like one of The Big Bang Theory episodes.





Adorable Star Wars LEGO!

Pirates! Arrrgh!


Harry Potter stand.

Magic Chess!
We actually found CLONING CHARLIE!

Stan Lee!

Captain Chile!

We all knew he was gay...
Star Trek :D

Lizard poisons Spock ö

Cool little flying robot thingy.

She's Erika Pino, a very talented artist (she made me a portrait! Javier has it, I might show it to you when I get it back)

Mini Darth Vader, mini Ewok and mini Princess Amidala were awesome!

More people dressed up

That's all, folks!
Cee Cee

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