jeudi, mai 19


Javier, cómo encuentras TODOS los cambios que le hago al blog?! Jajaja!
Today, something curious happened. I was on my way back from university, I finally finished the book I was reading (which took me more than a month due to the fact that I've been quite busy this month), when I got on the bus together with a bunch of football fans on their way to the stadium which is about two blocks from my house.
There were these two kids about 40cm from me (full bus) whose conversation I happened to be listening to. They were talking about people at their school. First, they talked about how cool some people were, but then they started gosspping and stuff (guys say girls are the gossipy ones, I thought).
Then, the conversation kept on going, I got some phonecalls in between, and when I realised that they were talking about some people from my (ex)school, I realised that they were actually from my school, although I never saw them before. They were two years younger than me. They went on talking about some teachers, other people I knew, about how wasted they would get on their trip to Spain (both of them were going to do the same trip we did last year) so I couldn't help but laugh quietly at times.
When we (along with the rest of the passengers) got off the bus, they went on and on, until I couldn't help bit talk to them. I apologised for my intrusion and then I asked them if they were from Third Medio, they said yes. I told them I was from the same school, etc, etc. I commented some of the things they were talking about. After all, we had been 40cm apart for about half an hour, so it was kind of difficult not to hear the whole conversation. Then, they went to the stadium and I went home.

It was weird. Normally, I would've stayed quiet and then regret about not talking to them, but I actually did! It was... unusual.

Tomorrow I'm going to school, in fact, so maybe I'll find them around there, maybe not (they might feel a little blue over the fact that the team they were going to watch lost the match and got kicked out of the tournament).

That's all, folks!
Cee Cee.

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