dimanche, avril 17

new adquisition


I know me and my blog have grown smaller of fashion & style, since it turned more into a photography blog last year, and I started caring a little bit less about how I looked and more about how I behaved. I learned that the way you dress, although it says something about you, can't beat your words and your attitude, because they say much more.
However, it doesn't mean that I started dressing poorly or anything. I just began to put less time and importance on making a statement (fashionwise), and just dressing in a way that just fitted me. And also, it doesn't mean that I don't get excited when I buy a new shirt, dresse, a new pair of jeans, or in this case shoes (more especifically, boots). I love them! They're ALDO and perfect for this season (remember that I'm on the southern hemisphere).

They're really comfortable, so I can wear them to uni :D
That's all, folks!
Cee Cee

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Kate a dit…

Oo! Super cute and cosy! :)

Kate x

marie augustine. a dit…

Sunday Mondays by Vanessa Paradis. ♥