mardi, mars 9

#68 - birthday boy

This is my friend Matías and today he turned eighteen, so this is kind of my present for him. Ok, it's a very crappy present since it's a spontaneous shot from... today! Still, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! +

Ahhhhhh! I'm so excited, I sang the whole opening song of The Big Bang Theory! (Okay, not the actual Barenaked Ladies song) I did it!

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Bravo a dit…

emm muchas gracias cami, en realidad no me esperaba esto =) bueno pequeña niña cami, espero que te haya gustado mi poema y emmm la foto salgo raro... pero feliz xD eso es bueno

cuidate y saludos

Kate a dit…

The whole universe was in a hot dense state when nearly 14 billion years ago expansion started. WAIT!

I sing along to that song every single time. My dad looks at me funny when I do. But it's just cos he's jealous cos I know all the words. Pretty much.

Kate x

Loki a dit…

Es espontánea po oe, esa es la pochi gracia 8( AEHAIEHAIEHAIEA gracias po tus comments Cami :3 Y wenisimas las otras fotos, como siempre las amé :D