lundi, mars 8

#67 - women's day

I don't like to be called a woman, especially in Spanish (mujer), because that makes me feel like a grown-up... and I'm not. I'm a girl. I will always be a girl, even if my body or the law (?) says the opposite (I have a Peter Pan complex, noticed? hahaha).
Anyways, I'm proud of being a girl/woman and the strength that we've gained as a gender through the years. +

That's all, folks!
Cee Cee.

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sort of me, kinda a dit…

You'd be Wendy Moira Angela

Macca a dit…

ME encanto absolutamente la foto... esta buenisima.. nose pq pero es genial.
bueno si, MUJER para mi suena un poco duro, muy linod el post.

nos vemos en el cole :D