mercredi, mars 10

#69 - jew's harp

I have this jew's harp from last year, I guess. I had been wanting one since a storyteller came to our school several years ago, and brought one with her to tell one of her stories. I was kind of hypnotised by the "toings" of the little instrument, but a week later, I forgot its name, and googling it as "musical instrument that you put in your mouth and sounds like toing", wasn't precisely effective. Anyways, I found it last year on my trip to the South of Chile with my dad, after having the best Humitas EVER.

Tomorrow, Matías, me and hopefully someone else that will join, will have a little batucada, but in a more hippie/folk/boho/indie way, since he's going to bring his didgeridoo and I'm going to bring my jew's harp and... we'll play. I think we'll do it totally out of the blue and it will be weird, freak and crazy, but cool. +

That's all, folks!
Cee Cee.

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Macca a dit…

brigido lo del temblor hoy!
ojala que les alla sonado bonito...
hoy vi el instrumento del matias y es super hiper grande :O