mercredi, mars 3

#62 - jai guru deva om

Today, a a friend of mine and her friend came over after we went to donate some more food for the people affected by the earthquake and they told me they loved what I did to my ceiling, which made me realise that I had not shown you my ceiling! Well, here it is. Okay, it doesn't show that much, but this is my favourite view of my bedroom. Here you can have a better look at the ceiling though (remember that this was painted by a 17-year-old who has no painting skills). +

That's all, my dearest readers!
Cee Cee.

P.S. Those things at the back forming a heartshape are the months of a calendar I bought from Alicia Bock.
P.S.2. PlayStation2 MIA WASIKOWSKA ANSWERED MY QUESTION in those fan questions things where you think you're question will never be answered (but mine was!!! ). Just click here (my name is actually spelled with a single L, but who cares).

5 commentaires:

ignacia maría a dit…

ps2 = play station 2!!! wea antiguaaaaaaaaaaaaaa <3! lindos recuerdos xd

KayPeanuts a dit…

Me encanta como quedó tu techo! Me dio ganas de hacerlo, debe ser super relajante tirarse en la cama y mirar el "cielo".
Yo estuve esperando "The Imaginarium..." por tanto tiempo y con tantas ansias que cuando se estrenó no quería ir, para no arruinarlo. Sobretodo por el tema Heath, quería verla pero no.
Así que bueno, la vi unos días después del estreno.
Y qué genial que te haya contestado Mia!

Macca a dit…

:D! it's so cool O.o!!

HotBeautifulMess a dit…

i like your blog, its is very expressfull.. im new at this
follow me?

Kate a dit…

I LOVEE the ceiling.
And the oragami too! :)

Kate x