mardi, mars 2

#61 - do you care for tea?

I'm in such a great mood right now!

Well, so I saw this Flickr group called A cup of tea, and as I didn't have any more ideas of what to post today, I decided to take a photo of me drinking tea. I didn't mind at all, because I love tea, plus, today was quite cold where I live, I was wearing some cozy clothes so perfect.

At this point, I was alone at home, so I turned the music up. My camera had the timer on (I don't have remote, so when I take self-portraits, I have to set my camera to take a photo every three seconds, so I can try different things until I get it right), and when I was done with the tea photos, Billy Idol's Dancing with myself started, so I immediately started dancing with myself! Well, Mitón was there, but whatever... Anyway, that put me in such a great mood! I love dancing when I'm alone, or when everyone is busy I close my bedroom door and start dancing (it doesn't lock, so there have been some embarrasing moments when someone comes in), but it's so much better when I'm alone, because I can dance all over the house in th most ridiculous ways. The only "problem" is that I don't like closing the curtains, so my neighbours can see pretty much everything that I do at home. Probably, they must have seen me in my undies a lot of times, but I have never seen them looking at me when I'm half naked. I don't reveal my address online, so don't try to find my house to see me naked, because you won't. The thing is that while I danced, my camera kept on shooting every three seconds, and it was so much fun looking at all those photos! There are some really weird poses there. Here's a really quick sort of slideshow.

Okay, so afterwards, I opened my parents' window (yep, that's my parents' bedroom), went to the balcony (we tend to keep that window closed because of Mitón, unless we are with him there) and laid down with Mitón. I looked up and kind of found peace there. I always do that: dancing and look up to the sky, especially the last one, that I do once per day, but since the earthquake I haven't. I do it because it always gives me peace. And I think it would help so much to the people affected by the earthquake... It most definitely won't bring their friends, daughters, sons, parents [...] back, but maybe it would help them by realising that they are in the most beautiful place that they could be. It's so relaxing just to look up and forget all your worries for just a couple of minutes. Then, you can worry all you want, but for a few minutes it is so nice to think that there is nothing wrong, nothing that upsets you, nothing at all, but you and the universe. +

So this was me again, I hope you read it. If you don't, I understand, it's really long, hehehe ^^.
Cee Cee.

P.S. I loved how my hair looked today! But after the crazy dancing the sweet curls turned into messy curls, which where nice as well, but not as nice as the initial ones ^^

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Elle a dit…

Tea isn't my favorite, but I'm trying to acquire a taste for it since it's so healthy. I'm currently drinking an herbal black currant and vanilla tea and it's pretty good. I still need sugar though.

a complete unknown. a dit…

qué lindo tu día, me encanta que la gente que quiero esté feliz.
y el video: es muuuuuy gracioso, sobre todo ver a mitón mordiéndote los pies mientras bailás, jajajaja.
mañana voy a subir a la terraza a leer un libro y a mirar el cielo, así me relajo y des-estreso.

piccolapau a dit…

hahah adore a tu perrito bailando cntigo y viendote XDD ta muy weno el montaje, y la cancion perfecta (: