samedi, janvier 23

#23 - michelangela

Today, I started painting the ceiling of my bedroom, it was exhausting and my back is in pain right now. Tomorrow, I'll paint clouds on it (I hope it works) and paint the other part of the room. Ehhhhhm, I'm watching the SAG Awards, so I'm not really into writing here, so I should stop it right here. BYE ♥ +

3 commentaires:

según mi Id, Francisco Novillo a dit…

did i ever mention how lovely your glasses are?

ignacia maría a dit…

omg good luck with the clouds! it's a great idea so i hope it works :3 and we could all see it next thursday :D


Loki a dit…

Y esa pose tan pro? onda ''Esto es un trabajo para mi, Cami la pintadora de piezas con lentes pochis 8('' AIEHAIHEIAEHAIHEA
Saludos y un abrazors
Se te quiere!
Byes! ;D