dimanche, janvier 24

#24 - body painting

Hi there, blue people!

Sorry for the being so absent lately. It was just that I lost the camera cable, but I just found it, so... I'll upload the photo of each day with no major description and with the dates modified for each day. This is because in about an hour and fifteen minutes I have to be at the airport, because I'll go to Brazil for a week (my suitcase is almost empty, I'm so not worried for it, but I should pack everything soon). Don't worry, I'll take photos there and I'm taking the cable with me in case there are computers at the hotel so I can upload the 365 project photos. If I can't, I'll upload them all when I return.

Well, well, well, this pic was taken when I finished painting the first clouds on the ceiling and well, a huge drop of paint fell on my lip so... tadá! +

That's all, folks!
Cee Cee.

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