lundi, janvier 11

#11 - peeeeniiiiiiiiis!

This is the third night in a row I attend to a Film Festival and on Wednesday I'll go too. This time, it was a different one from the one I went on the weekend. I prefer the other one though, because it's more inside the park. This park is narrower, you're closer to the street, so you can't really see a lot of stars (what should matter is the movie, I know, but it's beautiful to see the stars as well).

We watched (500) Days of Summer and I loved it! I had already watched it with my brother, but it was nice to watch it again. It's just so much fun. My three favourite scenes were -spoiler alert-: when they are on a bed in Ikea and Tom says "Darling, I don't know how to tell you this, but there's a Chinese family in our bathroom". There's also the "PEEENIIIS!" scene; and finally, the scene after Summer and Tom first have sex and Tom dances and all that stuff -end of spoiler-. The funniest thing about that, was that suddenly a 40/50-year-old man started to dance in front of the back seats (where we were) and all of us were laughing even harder at that point of the movie, but the people in the front never knew about all that.

I really wanted to write "Okay, I'm sleepy, so I'll just post the photo and BYE!", but I just needed to tell you today, before I forgot all about it. +

That's all, folks!
Cee Cee.

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ignacia maría a dit…

PENIS?! ohoho, me dieron ganas de verla! XD


ignacia maría a dit…

thanks! XD i'll take your adviice 1313

ignacia maría a dit…

ooh,los dientes! vdd x3

ignacia maría a dit…

XD toy escuchando whole lotta yoko de dirty mac y me acordé de ti xD

Loki a dit…

Omg!! Siento que conosco ese lugar pq será! XDDDD ya si igual eso es en al municipalidad de mi hell comuna que me queda a menos de una cuadra hahahaha y si, el parque es bknoso y me tinca que pa ver una pochi pelicula debe ser mejor :O sobre todo en la nochers hahaha
Bueno ojalá haya estado rica la torta hahaha ;D ahi me convidas un pedazo (ok, weá random xD)
Saludos y un abraso!