dimanche, janvier 10

#10 - jazzy

The beggining of the day was so very similar to yesterday's, with the exception of making a delicious family lunch (courtesy of my dad and I). I spent the afternoon watching telly, tumbling and finally cleaning up my closet.

Close to 9:15pm, my dad & I headed to Las Condes' Film Festival. This time, to watch The Reader. I loved it so much! Kate is soooo talented. The story itself was beautiful & sad, to cry for (in my case, because I cry very easily with dramas), but Kate's performance was too, nobody else could've played that role as she did, which proves that she is a true deserver of the Academy Award. I just love her. There's quite a few sex scenes in the movie, but for the first time I didn't feel uncomfortable watching them with my father. Well, not too uncomfortable. +

I think that's all for today, my blue people.
Cee Cee.

P.S. the photo is the reflection of my house on the back window of my dad's car.

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ignacia maría a dit…

"There's quite a few sex scenes in the movie"

XD seh, el felipe me había dicho q era toda una porno! ohoho~~


[i]guess what[/i]...



ignacia maría a dit…

[i]ps. ohoho la numeración de tu casa es "helix plus" XD con razón mi mamá siempre se pierde on her way there D:! [/i]

ignacia maría a dit…

i just realised HTML is SO NOT my friend ¬¬**............ xd
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