mardi, janvier 12

#12 - walking on sunshine

I don't know why I always take photos of my feet when I walk. At least two, and I tend to delete them immediately. This time I was too lazy to go back and delete them, so I saw them now and I kind of liked this one, it's like in motion, so... I don't know.

Today I walked a lot. First, when I went to my destination; after all, I didn't plan to get there on time. So I walked like 15 blocks. And on my way back home, I was about to take the bus, but after a 15-minute wait I thought it wasn't worth it, because the day was beautiful and quite windy. So 15 more blocks. +

That's all, folks!
Cee Cee

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ignacia maría a dit…

feetichismo?? XD