vendredi, novembre 20

you say goodbye and i say hello

Hello, blue people!

Well, yesterday was the famous farewell lunch! It went great and I had an excellent time there. I did all the singing with Yanni and I don't even know how it went (not that I really want to know either). Anyway, it was a lovely afternoon.
When it all finished and we were waiting for our taxi, we got whistled 16 times! And we were like... 20min there! So funny...
When I got, home it was such a relief after 8hrs walking with my 11cm heels, it was kind of weird to walk with my entire feet on the floor.
Here I leave you some photos:

2 commentaires:

Sofía a dit…

ya te lo dije: pero estabas taaaaan linda ! y SOS tan linda, camilín :)


Loki a dit…

Hahaha todo muy bueno, excelente por decirlo menos XDD y asdf! ya empiezo a pensar que eso nos tocará a nosotros XDDD ahahah se pasó muy bien en la mesa 3 :D numero magico y weas XDD
Se te quiere! Un saludo y un abraso!!