lundi, novembre 16

where's karma?

It happens to me that I always give and never receive. I mean, like giving, you know? But it happens that the one thing I want the most, is taken away from me. And what's even worse, I can't have it back without hurting the people I care for the most. It was never properly mine, though I've dreamt of so for a long time. So now it's my time to pretend, as always. At least, it's a way of developing my acting skills, performing one of the hardest and most painful roles, because the show must go on.

2 commentaires:

piccolapau a dit…

mm osea entiendo a que te refieres. no cacho bn la situación, y si, a mi tb a veces me pasa que como qe siento qe doy y doy, y wn nada a cambio ._. (como con IB, qe aunq a pesar d intentarlo harto, mis notas son cmo el pico) pero creo qe no hablas de ello ahora, hablas de algo más del (L)

weno, espero la situacion mejore cn el tiempo cami, y no te duela tanto :/
a veces, asi es la vida, aunq suene cruel ... pero igual hay muuucha gente qe te qere y aprecia :D
yo te apreciooo! jja, ya cdte :*

Anonyme a dit…

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