lundi, novembre 16

there's a good reason these tables are numbered honey

Hey blue people!

Last Tuesday, I went to the Panic! at the Disco's show in Chile, I had such a great time! And, though the gig didn't even last one and a half hour, I enjoyed it. I have a lot of videos but they're quite embarrassing (not as much as the ones from other concerts where I really make fun of myself), so... let's show you just some photos of it.

That's all, folks!
Cee Cee.

2 commentaires:

piccolapau a dit…

I like the frontman of the group. Its kinda cute :)

kissses cami :*

a complete unknown. a dit…

me dan mucha risa las lucecitas de las cámaras en la última foto.
y te decepcionó el cantante, che ! no usó ningún sombrero !
pero me alegro que la hayas pasado bien, aún cuando fue corto.
te adoro clem ☻