mardi, novembre 3

this is it <3

Hello blue people!
Today I have a very specific thing to tell you (since when am I specific? I'm always so random!): I WATCHED THIS IS IT .
It was so beautiful! I loved it. I love Michael Jackson, so it is pretty obvious that I loved the movie as well. It showed MJ in a perfect condition; the way he sang and danced was just superb, and aftear each song he didn't even look tired! The movie showed just how Mike was, a 50-year-old man with a heart of a little child. He was such a perfectionist about every little detail, everything that he had in mind for the show, was there; everything he didn't like, he'd just say it, but in such a polite and humble way that you just couldn't get mad with him. He was the best performer on Earth, in my opinion, and that's proved by this documentary which showed just the rehearsals! It was going to be the best set of shows in the history, but an unfortunate event on June 25th couldn't allow it.
I have to recognise that I saw a very skinny Michael, yet full of energy and good vibe. It was just him. He was such a beautiful person inside and out, taking everything with an inimaginable good humor even under so much stress.
I feel his death so much, since he is a huge inspiration to me. He had a true passion for what he did which led him to be as talented as he was until the moment of his death. I hope one day I can reach my dreams as he did. Being nearly half as talented as Mr. Jackson was, is my ultimate dream on whatever i decide to do with my life.

That's all, folks!
Cee Cee

P.S. Thanks to all my faithfull readers for leaving lovely comments or just passing by.
P.S.2. I cried during the Earth Song and Man in the Mirror :')

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† Lelei † a dit…

Maybe one day I'll see This Is It :)! But this last days I'd been very busy with school stuff.
Thanks for the comment! :) I'll follow your blog too!


Macca a dit…

i wasn't a MJ fan, but i believe the same as you do, i have no doubt MJ was talented, but apparently This is It make him justice. i hope i get to see it to.
see you tomorrow morning :D

piccolapau a dit…

"P.S.2. I cried during the Earth Song and Man in the Mirror :')

I have to upload just because you cried with them. ur so cute :B !
and I want to watch this is it too!! probably tomorrow hahaha

kissess cami, take care.

Loki a dit…

Seré EL wn en este post que escribirá en su idioma indio natal XD
En fin, la pelicula es buenisima, se la recomiendo a todo el mundo que realmente reconoce a MJ como un gran cantante, uno en esta pelicula se da cuenta tambien de que es un gran compositor :´) puta que se le extraña


Loki a dit…

Omfg I didn't knew that I wasn't following your blog D:!!! but now I am 8(

piccolapau a dit…

lolz.. i meant download :D
anyway.. Ive think I've heard that of blue ppl somewhere else.. oh yes! .. in ATU :O
(just being random xdd)