lundi, novembre 2

mr. clock

This is a photo I took in New York with a little editing from Picnik, an online programme I found yesterday :)
Aaaand well, I have to go to do a History portfolio (fuckfuckfuck), so I'm off to work.
That's all, folks!
Cee Cee.

3 commentaires:

piccolapau a dit…

lovely ♥
I envy u for being there and having the opportunity to take amazing pictures! hahah

Paau :)

a complete unknown. a dit…

ooh, qué linda foto, caami ! y el que sea en NY le dá un "je ne sais quoi" especial, no ?
espero que hayas podido terminar bien el trabajo, y que hoy te vaya bien en This Is It ♥
un beso grande queridísima.

Loki a dit…

All that I can say its: B-E-A- FUCKING- UTIFUL! XD
I rlly loved the pic :3