vendredi, novembre 6

a bird's life

Hello, blue people!
(I write 'blue people', because of my blog's link, and then I realised it was like Across the Universe, a movie I love).

Today I'll tell you a little story:
After a long day of school / Chicago coreography presentation / driving lesson's exam / Biology project (you can't imagine how much we worked!), I arrived home really tired.
I left my stuff on my bed, I went to heat some water for my usual evening tea and I came back to my desk, I sit as I do everyday to check my email, Facebook, etc. Suddenly, I felt something flying behind me. I thought it was a big moth and then, when I turned back, I realised it was too big so I could only think it was flying rat! Then, it stopped flying, and there it was, a lovely, small bird. I called my dad to see it, because it is not precisely an every-day-situation to see a bird in your bedroom. We tried to make it fly through the window and it acted like he didn't want to. I noticed it didn't fly so well, maybe because it crushed onto many walls and on the ceiling during its stay here. When it managed to go away, he stood jumping on the awning, so it was confirmed: it didn't fly well.
We decided to take a box with bread to attact it to it, and then, move the little bird into a bigger box with some food, so he would be protected from cats until tomorrow, when we'd free it (cats tend to sleep during the day, here).
Unfortunately, we didn't find it, and when we heard from it, it was on the house next door. Now I'm thinking about that little bird and hoping that he isn't in a cat's stomach right now.

So, that's all, folks!
Cee Cee.

P.S. Yoo-hoo, I have a follower, yay!!!
P.S.2. Thank you, my dear readers and follower. You don't have to comment in English. I only write it in English to make it more universally understandable .

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Loki a dit…

Aadsadsas I know, I should do the same in my blog but... my english sucks so nobody would understand me XD anyways, nice story ;3 kisses!