dimanche, novembre 8

like a rolling stone

Hi, blue people!
Yesterday was one of the best days of the year. It was iGnaa's birthday celebration. It had been a lot since we didn't meet like that. I enjoyed it a lot, and I realised I care a lot for the people I love, and there's some people who I have befriended very quickly. I have more than 100 photos, but of course, I'm not going to post them all. Still, I'll post a lot, so I won't bore you with more of my writing.

Look at that cake!
Happy Farm!
EMO rabbit!
COOL tee.
Those dance moves are totally in!
WTF, iGnaa?
Nerdis <3>
Look through my heart... there's my shirt! OMG.
Felipe and his Alter-ego!
Could you notice any difference?
Say cheese, honey!
Kodak moment, Juan!
Maturity mode on.
What an epic fall!
The barrier!
Gala :)
Mad face!
Love you both <3>
Sausage (salshisha molía' ö)
Align Centre

iGnaa tickling his hubby.
Ouch! Vale stepped on my foot... she was wearing heels.
Vale, the ElastiGirl.
3 seconds later, iGnaa's mother came out and saw that lap dance!
The two who have the ability to introduce their fists inside their mouths.
Happy Birthday to youuuu
Like a rolling stone!
Don't you care about tea?
That's all, folks!
Cee Cee.

P.S. I love my friends so much!

4 commentaires:

Loki a dit…

Aasdadsads puta que la pasé bien! los quiero a todos! =DDDD el limbo improvisado fue una de las mejores partes asdasddas sobre todo el intentar pasar como cangrejo (WENA MATIAS! XD!)Lo malo esque salgo mal en las fotos asdasddas pero bueno, igual me da lo mismo xP y con respecto a la foto donde hay que diferenciar yo encontré una! UNA DE LAS 2 CAMIS NO TIENE GORRO! D:!!!
Besos XD


piccolapau a dit…

waaaa. son muchas fotos. como qe mi scrollbar bajaba y bajaba y bajaba y bajaba... xD
qe bonito se ve qe salió esa fiesta :)

oe me gustó tu comentario respecto a la eutanasia en mi post (na qe ver a lo anterior xd) y debo decir, me baje man in the mirror. que hermosa cancion.. la amé, el coro sobre todo, es muy tierna, debo ver la peli :B

cdte cami, besos.

a complete unknown. a dit…

aaww, se vé que la pasaron bien. una linda y sana noche con amigos. I like that ♥
la torta es buenísima !
y me gustó lo del limbo. lo voy a proponer en la próxima reunión de amigos que tenga, jajajaja.
un abrazo gigante mi querida clem.

GB (no one knows who am i) a dit…

Of course it had to be posted my Kodak Moment obviously spontaneus.
And my Otaku moments I have when I'm surrounded by 2 or more members of Clan Yupi, But I missed my Sailor Juan picture.
Anyway, I had a great time.
Love ya