mercredi, septembre 16


Hello, hello!
Last night I had a strange dream that had to do with my academic conscience... weird...
Buuuuuut, anyway, let's talk just a little bit of the real life and what's been up lately.
Let's see, since last Wednesday, I'm on holidays, but just until Monday, which sucks. I've done academic stuff like reading books for school, making final copies, researching for debates, etc. though I've had a little bit of social life as well. On Monday I met with friends for Pame's birthday and yesterday some of them came to play Beatles Rockband (yeah, I have it and I'm loving it).
Also, TV series are starting this week! I've already watched Gossip Girl's premiere, I'm looking forward to start watching TBL (The Beautiful Life) which premieres tonight and, well The Office, of course (). Plus, I started watching Skins! Totally addictive. You see, I've watched the first series (yeah, English, they don't call them seasons) and now I adore Cassie, she's oh, wooow, totally lovely. She's anorexic and addicted to drugs (like everyone) and to impress Sid she didn't eat for three days so she could be lovely. If you don't watch Skins, you must be totally lost right now, sorry.

The thing is, that now, thanks to her, I find food disgusting, and it doesn't matter if I'm starving, but I just find it gross, except for Quadritos de Avena, so now, I've just been drinking tea (which would be what pills are for Cass). Terrible, isn't it? I mean, I love food, it's taste, everything, but now, when I see it... eww! I hope it doesn't last for long, though, in a way, it's good for my diet! Yes, I'm on a diet right now (nothing too radical, of course), and it's quite good not to think about food so frequently, especially because yesterday I ate two doughnuts.

What else, people... Oh, yes, I love Regina Spektor's latest album! It's totally great. It's called Far, by the way.

That's all folks!
Cee Cee.

P.S. I've added a header and some pictures on the side bar! Hope you like it. Construction's over.

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delfín a dit…

no me parece nada sano lo que decís. Cassie es un personaje, espectacular o no, que te lleve a sentir desagrado por la comida es muy poco sano. Además es extraño que te ocurra eso luego de observar un personaje, teniendo en cuenta que hay chicas que sufren horrores por una enfermedad como la anorexia. No esta bien que encuentres "cool" el creer que la comida es desagradable.
Igual tu vida, obvio. No tengo porque meterme donde nadie me ha llamado. Perdon si te molesta, pero creo que enfermarse por un personaje es ridiculo.