vendredi, septembre 18

clear now?

OK, so I wanted to clear up something, because I think that people may misunderstand (and three people have already misunderstood) what I wrote on the last entry, though I appreciate your concern.
Everything started a long time ago. You see, I don't like food's smell (mostly when it's been in recipients for hours, like my lunch for school, that's why I tend to take salad most of the time, which isn't as smelly as... other food). Well, so that's one thing.
The fact is that, like one month ago I read Perfume: the story of a Murderer (great book, btw) and it made me more conscious of the smells, including food's, so I started paying more attention to them (for example, when I walk on the streets I feel that the smell of wet pavement is more intense). It's like when we studied the Respiratory System at school and on every Biology class I started thinking about my breath constantly. So it's that kind of stuff.
And finally, there's Skins. There are some scenes when Cassie starts looking around and sees people eating and it's kind of gross the way they eat, so that's it! I mean, it's not like I won't eat ever again because I think it's cool or because Cassie is cool. It's just that, for some reason (associated with what I told you before), I started finding some food disgusting, whether it's because of its smell and/or because it looks gross. So I just don't eat that kind of food. My only problem is that there's a LOT of food now that I don't like. Thank God, my beloved salads are not either smelly or gross-looking, and that's is why I said it's good for my diet.
So, don't panic, I'm not about to become an anorexic or anything. I'm totally healthy, I'm not depressive, I love my life, but it's just that I don't love food anymore.

Cee Cee.

P.S. 1 I adore Cassie, I think she's totally adorable, but I don't love the fact that she's an anorexic or a drug addict. I just think she's fascinating as the person she is. In fact, the quote I put my profile box is there because it was so sweet in the way that she did such a sacrifice to impress Sid, not because it's admirable that she didn't eat for days.
P.S. 2 Thanks for your concern, I think it's lovely that you try to help, though I'm afraid that you were wrong, at least, about me. But, again, love you for caring so much.

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Carolusabe a dit…

Bien jeje punto nº1: He entendido todo lo que pone! jejeje mis clases de ingles se van notando :P. Punto nº2 espero que sea verdad eso de que tu salud esta bien, porque como me entere que no, me enfado e???? :P , bueno si tu dices que sencillamente la comida no te gusta, lo acepto, pero espero que no sea por algo sin importancia. Confio en ti y te creo en lo que dices =). Punto nª3 jejeje yo también adoro a Cassie!!! me parece fascinante! la encuentro tan adorable y me encanta... enserio me enamoré del personaje muchisimo ^^ y Hannah es encantadora! :) . Y punto final jaja espero que estes bien Cami, hace mucho que no hablamos de nosotras! se te echa de menos, ultimamente casi no estoy en el msn y cuando estoy , no estoy disponible 100%, bueno lo dicho, espero que todo vaya bien, muchos besos guapisima! se te adora desde España :) muaks!