vendredi, août 14

thank god it's friday

Yay! TGIF :)
Now, I'll have a -sort of- relaxed weekend. I only have to study math and paint, which is good. Tomorrow will be a great day, it seems. Two friends will join me to a flashmob. What the hell is that? you may ask. Just enter here to find out. We'll participate on an activity called "I read, and you?" and it consists of reading for about ten minutes out loud in order to promote reading. It's going to be real fun.
After that, we'll go to one of my friend's house, and at about 4pm, we'll go to a picturesque café at a quite boho & artistic part of the city to meet other friends and just have a good time. Plus they're going to "celebrate" my birthday, because, a week ago, when it actually was, we didn't have the time, so this is going to be really lovely ♥.

And well... about my birthday! I received wonderful presents!
My dad gave me a sweatshirt and an mp5 and I didn't even know those existed! Apart from a normal mp4 player, it has an eBooks gadget and touch screen. I also received some Lady Grey tea, a Lindtt chocolate and a lovely mug. My mam gave me a bag for my laptop, a pair of sheep slipper socks (so cute!) and Coco Mademoiselle eau de parfum. So... yes, they were lovely presents (and well, for me, the NYC trip was a lot too!)

What else can I tell you?
I don't know if I told you before, but I'll perform Alice in Wonderland, and I got the Alice part... and I needed a dress... and I bought it online... YES! I bought it online! I really loved it:

I think that's all folks!
Love, Cee.

P.S. I will post tomorrow's pictures on the next entry.

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