dimanche, août 16

vodkaaa ~

Ok... so, as I told you, I predicted a great day. AND IT WAS ♥ It rained all day long... it was beautiful.
It's been months since I don't have one of those (thank you, school).
Yesterday, I met Cote at the tube station so we could participate of a Flashmob (Mary missed it, because she got late). We found the place of the Flashmob a little late and just participated from it for the last half (it was cool, though).

Then, we picked up Mary at the tube station and went to Cote's home to have lunch and watch some episodes of Hetalia (I'm not very fond of japanese cartoons, but that one was funny). And I met Cote's niece! She's the sweettest thing ever.

Aaaand, well... after that we rushed our way to the same tube station to go to the Laboatorio (a splendid café) to celebratr both my birthday and our online forum's birthday. The place was incredibly beautiful and cozy! I loved every single squared centimeter of it! I'm definitely going back again. We had such a great time there (friends are always good to your soul). And, aghh, I don't know if you knew, but I'm a huge fan of tea and, there, they had an incredible variety of tea flavours and all of them, just exquisite. So... yes, it was a great day.

Love, Cee.

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a complete unknown. a dit…

wow, se vé hermoso ese café ! ( el vidriero debe haberse comprado un crucero después que se fueron los dueños del café )
qué bueno que hayas podido ir al flashmob, debe haber sido divertido aunque haya llovido. ( y btw, acá también llovió ayer ! )

un beso grande linda, seguimos hablando.