jeudi, mars 26

just do it to yourself

Hello, dearests. Yes, today I'll post in English... I'll confuse everyone, mwahahaha! (just kidding).
Today is random entry day, yay!
♫ This was a pretty Radiohead week. They're here and I really, really want to go!
★ I love Coco Rocha's look! I want her hair. Unluckily, my face and skin don't match that hair colour.

♣ I have new shoes! I'm not one of those girls who fall in love shoes every two seconds. But I've been for the search of lace-up booties and these ones caught my attention, and they're mine finally!

♥ I've fallen in love like five times this week! A guy at the drugstore, a man in Ripley -Swatch section-, a man in a car, a guy from school who I'd never seen before and a 4-year-old kid! He was so adorable! He was outside Ruby Tuesday with his family (I was inside) and everytime I saw him, he smiled, but when my other family members looked at him, he didn't. We had a connection ;D, hahaha.
♦ Have you seen Dior's Milly Carnivora collection? IT'S BEAUTIFUL! So full of colour... I'm not so into jewelry, but I wasn't able to ignore these beautiful rings:

☻I love Miss Dior Chérie commercial! I know it's not a new one, but I never told you :)
■ Today is Joe Anderson birthday and I love him. Happy birthday, Joseph!
▲I LOVE KEIRA's PHOTOSHOOT for Red Nose Day. Not new either, I know. And it is Kei's birthday today too!!!

5 commentaires:

Marie Augustine. a dit…

Keira (L).
Es una belleza.

a complete unknown. a dit…

ah, las compraste ?? que bueeeno, topshop te ama.
y es usual enamorarse muchas veces por semana, jajaja, pero ese chico del colegio puede ser interesante ;)
y y y y kei es la más linda, y esas fotos también, y ♥

y hace mucho que no hablamos apropiadamente, mucho colegio, che.
te adoro, chile.

Marie Augustine. a dit…

los zapatosssssssssssssssss
me encantaron

(antes repare en la foto)

Gossip Boy a dit…

i'm gonna keep telling you all the rumors and gossips of st gabriel's corridors, ok byotch?
and who am i? that's a secret i'll never tell.
you know you love me

pau p. a dit…

:OOO la foto de keira cn los beatles está bacammmm