mardi, février 17

they're trying to find us

Today was my Summer tea party (the first one of my second year of planning tea parties, yay!). Let's skip to the part where they arrived.
While waiting for two girls, we were all in my bedroom watching funny videos and just talking until... Vale and Lelei appeared! Yay!

Once everybody was at the tea party room (formerly known as dining room, hahaha) and I finished preparing tea, we started eating! We had all sorts of conversations (we have the most random converstations on those tea parties... well more than usual) and had a great time.

After we finished, we went to the third floor to play Rockband ♥. We spent like two hours playing!

Cata, Isa, Rouz and I went downstairs, because we were tired and we weren't playing anymore. Cata chose a CD (Alex Ubago's ¿Qué pides tú?) so we started singing and performing ridiculously. At the end, all the other girls came to my bedroom and we were just joking around and having fun.

When everybody was gone, I went chatting with my dearest friends Julie, Paulight and Toti and we made the most wonderful plans starting next summer: to visit each others and all together. Not like just me meeting Toti, but all four of us together! Wouldn't it be nice? (yes, like the song, hahaha).

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Cata, la mas bkn d todas, obvio a dit…

Jajajaja, salgo como en todas cantando,:P... lo pase muy bn con tu jueguito y comiendo y cantando alex ubago (L) hace mil q no cantaba canciones de el, te adoro!!!, besis y que estes bn

PD: sorry porq el comentario sea en cast.

Anonyme a dit…

Hasta que cambiaste el diseño del blog.

Por lo que caché, la fecha tiene relación con el diseño (obvio), pero hay unos scripts que puedes usar, pero es un poquito complicado, pq es entrar de lleno a lenguaje informatico >_<.

Está genial en todo caso.

Saludos desde Rancagua!

the diva and her demons a dit…

OMG those muffins look terribly delicious ♥ hahahaha
beso baby britain (still love that song)

La Fée a dit…

It looks like it was so much fun! And those cupcakes look truly delicious :)

Marie Augustine. a dit…

Te agregue al face...
¿Tenes algo que ver con un tal Ezequiel Cornejo..? Pregunto, total el mundo es tan chico.