jeudi, août 7

l'esprit d'amitié

Entry #100!

Wow, today was such a great day .
I just want to thank everybody for being there and saying the classical "happy birthday". Thanks, dear friends and family, and even teachers, hahaha!
What did I received?
- Mam a one-soulder champagne frill dress, a light blue blouse, a pale pink top, an amazing purse and a $50.000 (about US$100) gift card. Everything: Topshop.
- Dad an Acer laptop, a gold necklace and a cute sports set.
- Brother (Mauro) The Beatles CD (greatest hits 1962-1966).
- iGnaa the Johnny Depp biography.
- Kichi a yellow bracelet, a CD with the OST from Camp Rock (made by Kichi herself) and a data CD with a cute rainbowish letter and the most beautiful Johnny Depp wallpaper, all wrapped in a Pirates of the Caribbean paper.
- 2 emails.
- a dedicated video.
- 18 Facebook Wall messages.
- 15 or more MSN people had "happy birthday Cami" or something similar on their nicknames.
- a thousand hugs (from Vale A to our ex-history teacher).
- 2 Happy Birthday to you songs.
- lots of love.
And there's more coming on Saturday, from my dearest friends.
Winter Tea Party coming soon...

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Carolusabe a dit…

Waoo Cami, ya veo todo lo que te quiere la gente y cuanto amor y cariño recibiste ese dia, te lo mereces! ♥
Espero que en la fiesta del Sabado te lo pases igual o mejor!