samedi, août 9

fête de thé

My Winter/Birthday Tea Party was awesome!
This time I won't give a very detailed view of the day like I did on the last one.
They started arriving 16.15hrs. Isa helped me with the whipped cream, then iGnaa arrived and all three of us cut the strawberries. Then Marti arrived, and then the rest (Cata, Pili, Rouz, Valeen, Cote). I opened the presents, which were incredibly beautiful.
We couldn't wait for the rest to arrive, so we went down to start the thing, between other things -hunger- because a group of girls had to go earlier.

They sang "Happy Birthday to you" in English just because I like it ^^(it was their own idea). And with an improvised birthday cake (they put candles on the lemon cake I made).Meanwhile we were eating, laughing, doing and talking nonsense, Mary and Vale, Igna R, Kichi arrived and joined the nonsense.
Well, after the 'group of girls' went, we went back upstairs, to my bedroom. We watched videos and had plushies fights. Finally, Cote and Kichi were left, I read the comic Cote gave me and laughed. In the end we made like the funniest videos ever ♥.

Thanks for everything, girls!!!

4 commentaires:

Carolusabe a dit…

Waoo vaya si que te lo pasaste muy bien ^^, el video muy gracioso! jaja lastima que no entendí mucho jaja (por el ingles) ;)
Y muchas gracias por pasarte!

polexia aphrodisia a dit…

all i have to say for you my dearest is that im glad you had such a cute bday. haha you know that sometimes i forget how young you since you're an old wise soul, a very sweet girl. i had no idea when it was your bday and then i saw it on your van/john blog and i was like ooomg! i know it doesn't sound like much since we don't know that much of each other, but i have nothing but love and good wishes for you this year. keep turning into the beautiful woman you're gonna be.

tons of hugs sunshine
hugs always,
from a camille
to another camille :)


polexia aphrodisia a dit…

haha and i said hugs twice but you know what i mean :)

au revoir, chéri

Chloé a dit…

qué genial blog! ensima de todo, originalmente escrito en inglés (o me equivoco? quizás sos de otro lugar), y me mató, es lindísimo, te felicito-
take care