dimanche, juin 26

les jours de la semaine


I had a presentation today and I'm so tired! I had to do like 6 routines, so I have a right to be tired! Hahahaha! OK, now I have to go study, so I'll tell you pretty shortly about my week:
Lundi I had a Chemistry test and instead of studying with separate one-hour pauses, according to what I planned, I spent like four hours doing absolutely nothing. Bueeeno, ya, no fue absolutamente nada <3
Mardi I had a LET presentation which I didn't even prepare, and later, a precalc quiz. After that, we went with my group to our tutor's place and played Wii. I went to work later, and then back to his house to keep on nerdyin'.
Mercredi My precalc class was suspended, because our professor was sick, so my visit to uni was reduced to just a Physics assistantship (?) and well... spending more time doing 'nothing' later. Dad went to university that day for me, which was pretty cool :)
Jeudi I was invited for lunch to a friend's house and we did more of those handicrafts we started doing the other day. Yeah, sure... a FRIEND's house...
Vendredi VII Congreso Tecnológico: The event where the 13 selected groups from the "technological fair" presented their projects and then a winner was selected. Of course, we weren't even selected, but we had to go anyway. Well, then some people from my group+tutor+other friends went for lunch and then I joined someone to his school and learnt a bit about values and did some other stuff, came back home and went training. Y bueno, entre tanto tocan la puerta...
Samedi I went to the ballet :)
Dimanche I had a Synchronised Swimming presentation in Colina. I voluntarily did more routines than anyone! I could've not done one or two of them because there were at least two in each, but I did them anyway. There must be something wrong with me, hahaha! I just like doing team and duet routines :)

That's all folks!
Cee Cee

P.S. At least I learnt the days of the week in French :)

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