lundi, avril 4

villes en papier

People, this is going to end up being the worst blog in history! I have nothing to tell wach day and I have so much to study! I'm kind of worried sometimes that Engineering is not the career for me, because I feel so stupid during classes, like I don't understand a thing while the rest does :S
Oh, well... it's a challenge, at least, and I like my classmates and the friends I've made. I don't want to be a dropout so soon. I don't want to be weak. But it's such a mathematical career that sometimes I question myself if I fit there. I like mathematics a lot, but I also love to read (sometimes I feel I read way too much) and I love Arts, so... yeah, it's weird. And... about reading, I'm so obsessed with Paper Towns, I'm scared. Although I liked Looking for Alaska much more, but I read the latter when I had nothing else to do. Reading the one I'm reading now is kind of a guilty kind of reading because I should be studying (although I only read during my way from and to campus, when there's no way I could study, because the tube is so full, but I can read stood-up perfectly). Tomorrow I'll finish it. And I'll have the rest of the week to "digest" it, and start reading a new one next Monday. I have a huge pile of books that I look forwad to read, and I'm not sure which one will be next. I have 'til Monday to decide.
Anything about today? I discovered I kind of suck at Chemistry; I wanted to go to a "Nuclear Energy" forum, but my class finished too late, so by the time I got there, it was too late and the place was too full, so I had lunch with my tutor (it was lunchtime. I was even going to have lunch later just because I was really looking forward to go the forum). He doesn't have lunch during the week, so he just joined me. And then I discovered I didn't have classes after lunch, so I came home.

Now, I have to go to study, because I have to leave at 8pm for training, so I'd better get started.
I'm sorry for the crappy update.
Cee Cee.

P.S. I didn't take photos yesterday.

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