mardi, avril 5

un baiser avec un poing

French the Llama! Paper Towns is so good! The ending is perfect... Q's words were perfect. AAAAAHHHHHH! I love John Green!

Behave, Camila...

I have so much to study and so little time to do it. I deliberately took the decision to start studying at 6:30pm (I arrived at home at 6). So I am using this half an hour to blog, to eat something and check my emails and stuff.
Today, I wanted to post something about Florence Welch, whose music I love. This is really typical, and I don't want to sound like those who say "I knew her before everybody did, and before she even became popular, because I am so cool, ha!", I only wanted to say that I've followed her for about 3 years and, because of the style of her music, I never imagined she'd became so popular. Her music is not the typical pop or R&B you tipically listen to on the radio. Obviously I'm happy for her, but I liked having her music as a little treasure of my own (don't get me wrong, I know I wasn't the only one who listened to Florence + The Machine, before she became more famous, but I knew very few people in my circle of acquaitances who did).

You've got the love - Florence + The Machine

That would be it for today, dearests.
Smell you later!
Cee Cee.

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2 commentaires:

Francisco Novillo a dit…

I hate when that happens too!!
though i haven't known her for that long
maybe a year and a half?

Kate a dit…

I know what you mean. I love having something wonderful and special for myself. Whether it be music or a style of clothing or a nice place. Things can lose their appeal when they become 'mainstream' because they are not being appreciated for their depth.

Kate x