vendredi, avril 29


I am afraid. I used to be a hundred percent sure that we would be friends forever and ever and that things wouldn't change at all, but less than two months have passed and it has changed completely.
Until last year, every weekday from March to December, I had some great anecdote to tell my parents, brother, blog, or who/whatever about my school friends. Now, those stories are "starred" by my new uni friends. I couldn't be more glad that I made friends so easily and that we have become so close this quickly, but it isn't the same with my old friends and I'm afraid. I know that they will be there for me forever, and that I will be there for them. I know we'll never lose contact thanks to the social networks, telephone, emails and stuff, but it isn't the same. I don't want to feel like I replaced them with my new friends because all I can write about in my blog each day is my experiences with the "new" ones.
I believe in changes, I embrace them, but I don't want to lose what I had. I want to talk to them, laugh with them, tell them about the new things in my life... And mayybe that's the reason why I still blog. In case some of them reads about my "day a day", who knows.

I didn't think that was necessary to say that obviously there are some missing people there, but then I thought I would write it anyway, just in case :)

Cee Cee

P.S. I am glad April is coming to an end (BEDA). I love blogging, but sometimes I just don't have the time to write, so I post empty randomness and apologise for the crappy entries.

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gala a dit…

cami que tierna ♥
we love you :D, hay que juntarnos los extraño!
cuidate y no te sientas mal por hacer amigos eso está bien ;D

Kate a dit…

Friendships can be kind of difficult. For so long in school we are among the same people and get used to how they fit into our lives. Then we're in uni and we don't see them every day and there are new people to consider. And it takes some time to find a balance, a new balance, which suits old friends and new friends alike. I'm sure you'll work it out. It's a big adjustment process, but it's all part of growing up and I think we should try to embrace it.

Kate x

Kate a dit…

P.S. I love the pictures. Your friends seem very awesome! :)

Kate x

ignacia maría a dit…

aww te quiero cami<3 extraño tbn hablar más con mis amigos (incluyéndote, obvio está), yo supongo q es porque ha pasado reativamente poco tiempo desde que salimos que no hemos organizado esas como reuniones "todos los X día de cada mes" como muchos grupos de amigos post colegio, porque es verdad, nos deberíamos ver más
bueno, es la parte que nos ponía nostálgicos en diciembre, sabíamos que iba a haber un gran cambio en cuánto tiempo nos vemos e interactuamos, lo importante es que el cariño sea el que no disminuya y todo estará bien :) besos<3

ignacia maría a dit…

pd. gracias por tu post en mi blog, el apoyo y todo<3 jaja :) te quiero, y respecto a lo de ver a la miss, budidi me comentaba el otro día que deberíamos hacer un grupito "ex-F" o lo q sea, e ir un día a ver a los profes :) a mí me pareció muy buena idea :D