samedi, avril 30

BEDA end

I did it! I managed to Blog Every Day in April, woo hoo!
It was a great, yet stressful, month, but I am glad I was able to complete it. YAY!
Now, I won't quit, but I'm not blogging every single day like this last month.
I hope May is better.
It was a pleasure,
Cee Cee

Currently listening to: English tea by Paul McCartney

2 commentaires:

Kate a dit…

I've really enjoyed your blogging every day: I feel like I know you lots better! Hope you keep blogging regularly.

How cool that you are going to see Paul McCartney! :) :)

Kate x

ignacia maría a dit…

puchis, a mí tbn me gustaba que actualizaras a diario, incluso las random eran buenas de escuchar (o leer?) de ti a diario