vendredi, avril 1


Dearests, I'm doing BEDA (Blog Every Day in April)! Yaaaay!
I don't know how this is going to result. Maybe, because I am going to be forced to blog everyday, I'll post just random nonsense just to post something... I hope not. I think I'm going to blog about each of my days, which isn't bad, because I haven't told you anything about my University life so far.

Today, I didn't have much classes, as usual on Fridays, so I came home early. Tonight, I have a party, which is something new for me, since I never party. Usually, my friends and I just get together and talk, eat, and have safe, un-alcohol fun. Not that today I'm drinking, because I don't drink, anyway. If you think "oh, she's such a nerd", thenyou're right, but I do have a lot of fun without alcohol (my friends and I think that induced sugar highs are way better, hahahaha!)
Earlier today, I got together with my group and we decided what we're going to do for our project (we have to do a device to help the elderly in an engineering kind of way) and while deciding, we had a fun time. I'm really happy about my group and our tutor, they are awesome :)

Oh, Dad just called. I'm not going to the party. Family bash.
Smell you later, lovelies!
Cee Cee.

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Kate a dit…

Getting together with friends to talk and eat sounds perfect to me! I love friends and talking and eating! :)

Kate x