jeudi, mars 31

photography recommendations: March

This month's photographer, chosen by our selected and professional jury (me, of course), is... *drumrolls* Anthony Clark!
His photography really inspires me. He turns everyday places into works of art. And what I like the best about him, is how wonderful he is as a person. He's really kind and caring, he's really sweet. You should definitely check him out (My favourite sets: here, there and everywhere).

Remember: If you want to see the photos in full size, click on them, and you will be redirected to their Flickr page ;)

I think that's all for today, dear followers and readers. I hope you had a nice month, and that you start April even better. And speaking about April, I'm attempting to start BEDA (Blogging EveryDay in April). I hope I can keep up to it, so I'll see you around more often!
Take care,
Cee Cee.

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Kate a dit…

I hope you manage BEDA! :)

Kate x