lundi, mars 14

Happy π day!♥

Today, it was a well-celebrated Pi day. Maybe it didn't have the Pi pies, but it was really nerdy. I never though I would start university and became friends with people so similar to me! It's almost as comfortable as being with my all-time friends. Don't get me wrong, my all-time friends take a much bigger place in my heart, but it is nice to have similar people around me every day.

Today, there was a "St Patrick's" celebrationg on campus as well. I've never been to an actual March17 St. Patrick's party, so this little event was really cool. There were bagpipers, green beer, lots of people dressed in green, etc. I don't drink, so I wasn't as excited for the great amounts of beer, but it was great though.

Sorry that I have been so absent, but there's a lot of work to do, and little time to do it. I'll try to keep you posted, oh, and to show you my haircut.

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▲löo. a dit…

tomorrow it's my bday, and i must say that i don't like it due to st patrick's day :P
bt, where are you from? because you may speak in spanish and I'm writing all this mess :P