dimanche, février 27


People, I've done something crazy. Remember that waist-long hair I had? Well, it's gone. I shaved my head! No, just kidding about the shaving. But, really, I cut my hair reaaaaally short. Oh, and I have bangs too.
It's something like this...

Now, I look almost exactly the same than my 3-year-old self... but taller. It's really weird, but I don't dislike it. I don't feel better or worse-looking; just different. But it's just hair.
I'll keep you posted with pictures later ;)
Until then, bye.

2 commentaires:

Kate a dit…

New hair is so exciting. It can make you feel refreshed and special for weeks and weeks! :)

Kate x

gala a dit…

awww, puchaa no pude ver tu new look :c
tuve problemas familiares y no pude ir, pero ahi vere si puedo invitarlas♥
luv ya