lundi, février 14

un vélo

Hello, dearests!

So, I think we've come to that stage where I can confess you some of my secrets: I don't know how to ride a bike. Well, I didn't until Saturday.

For some reason, the only bike I had when I was little was a red one with two little extra wheels. but I never rode a "grown-up" bike. Now, I am eighteen thirteen years old (I have a Peter Pan complex) and I can proudly say that just two days ago, I rode a bike for the first time ever. My dad got me one a couple of weeks ago and, on Saturday, we went to practice. After a painful fall (resulting in several wounds and bruises all over my body), I think I managed the arts of the biking masters, so I went solo for the first time in my life. Actually, I started driving before I rode a bike, which is a little unconventional, but that OK, because now I do know how to bike (Yay!!!).

Now, on other news, I've been reading Daisy Owl, a comic series of a girl, whose father is an owl. It's really hilarious, really. A friend of mine recommended it to me, so I'm now recommending it to you.

I advice you to start at the very first one here and keep on reading them. I love them all! :)

So, that's all, folks! Have a happy Valentine's Day!
Cee Cee.

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Kate a dit…

"I started driving before I rode a bike." Not many people can say that! Congrats on your new skill.

Kate x