mardi, février 8

nouveau placard

Yes, exactly. I have a new closet, and it is smaller than the one I had before. The other one collapsed, so it was needed. Anyway, I wanted to get rid of some of my clothes.
Now that I separate the clothes I wanted to keep, and the ones I don't, I realise that I have a full bin bag of clothes and half of another with shoes. Now I have like 60% the shoes I used to and like... 35% the clothes I used to have.
My closet looks so good now... There's no clothes fighting their way into it or anything. And, I tell you: the new closet is way smaller. I actually used to have three hanger bars, now I have two. I have smaller shelves and still have some spare space.

The clothes I got rid off are clothes that I really don't wear anymore, and some are actually new! They have the tag and everything (unwanted presents). And shoes that are in perfect condition as well. I think if I sold these things I'd make over US$200 ($100lucas!), but I think I'm just going to give them away. I think there has to be a girl (or girls, there's A LOT in those bags) who needs this a lot more than me, right?

So, now, I have to do my French homework, and watch my series, so...
That's all, folks!
Cee Cee :)

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Kate a dit…

I could do with a good clear out too! Though I think I'll wait till all this cold winter weather is done. It's handy to have lots of layers out there!

Kate x