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It's me again. Well, new thing to tell today: I'm very into YouTube. I mean, the YouTube community. I'm subscribed to lots of vloggers, and I actually always wanted to become one of those youtubers, but I guess I never had the time, you know, I didn't want to be one of those vloggers who updated their channels once a month, so if I ever become a vlogger, I will dedicate time to it.
Anyway, today is a pretty big day for the YouTube community, because it's Project for Awesome! "What the hell is Project for Awesome?!" you may wonder. Well, it is a project organized by Hank and John Green (a.k.a. the vlogbrothers), in which various youtubers upload videos about charities they care about, encouraging people to donate to those charities. They also make some raffles, in which they donate stuff which people who enter (by donating to a specific charity) can win.
So yeah, pretty awesome, isn't it?

Well, for me, it is not very easy to donate to these charities, because I don't have my own credit card. Well, I do, but I don't pay for it, so it's kind of not having one of my own.
BUT, I managed to do a #p4a kind of action. Well, I was hungry, but there weren't any "snacks" at home, so I went out to buy something to eat, and less than a block away from home, a guy reaches to me and asks me if I had any books that I could give him, because he was collecting some for his son's school. He told me that this school had no money for this year's study trip, because the only money they had, they had to spend it on books they didn't have. So I went back home, and grabbed about ten books and gave them to him. This guy was really nice and grateful for what I did, which brightened up my day, and I hope I brightened his a little bit :)

So that's all, folks!
Go to and make some donations! DFTBA!
Cee Cee.

P.S. I know that these days have been a lot of blah blah, but not so much photos. I hope someday soon I get my PC back so I can post more photos. Love you!

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