vendredi, décembre 17


I woke up at 8:04am.
It's 9:25am now. I'm deadly hungry, and there's nothing at home for breakfast!
I've always wanted to go buy stuff for breakfast in the morning, right before breakfast, so I think I'll do that.
One eerie little dream of me, will be fulfilled, hell yeah.

10:14am Update.
Very disappointing experience. I didn't bring my card, so I could just buy some bread, because I couldn't afford anything else. I knew I had money on my card, but almost nothing in my wallet. So... yeah.
And now that I think of, I always pictured this "going to buy breakfast" thingy, as me, waking up early, trying not to wake up my (dream) boyfriend and bring him a nice breakfast in bed. I think I just forgot why that was a dream.

P.D. by the way, this is is my 400th entry!

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Kate a dit…

I remember four years ago on holiday with my family, the first time we went to Switzerland, either my little sister or I walked to the little bakery each morning to collect some nice fresh bread for breakfast. There is something so special about that!

Kate x