vendredi, mars 5

#64 - nerd rocker

Cool people play in a rock band. Geek people play RockBand® for X-BOX360.

I don't think you will notice it here, but there's something missing in this self-portrait, that was present in all the previous ones. Okay, don't try to guess, because it is just a small detail: it's my gold dolphin necklace. It was stolen from me when I was on the bus. Want to know the story? I am telling you about my day, since this is a personal blog, DUH.

So today, I went with Vale, Marti and some Marti's friends to do some volunteering, this time, asking for money. It was actually really nice, people were so generous, some of them didn't have too much, but it was something, much better than nothing. We were out there from midday to 5pm and gathered about $50000 (like 100 dollars), which is quite good for a couple of girls just asking for money on the streets (don't worry, we had little boxes and shirts, we weren't just begging, we even had an authorisation letter). So then, we went to another neighbourhood of our city with our hearts filled with the joy of helping, to an old woman's house whose grandson had been disappeared since the earthquake. The thing is that, while we were getting there by bus, a guy stole my favourite necklace while getting off the bus. He actually pulled it off my neck (it kind of hurt afterwards, because he did it really quickly, without even seeing, so he scratched my neck), it was really scary. I was still scared for like 20 minutes (until we got to the old woman's house), but when she told us that they found her grandson alive, I forgot about my worries and just became very happy about her, it was such a selfless happiness! ♥

Ufff, so I finally got home (after going for something to eat with my dad, because he said that a piece of cake would cheer me up and it did). I watched yesterday's episodes of Skins and The Office... THEY WERE EXCELLENT! So I was even happier! Not so much, then, when I heard that maybe Alice in Wonderland will be premiered in May, because of the earthquake and stuff. But now, I'm fine ;D +

As you've noticed, this has been a day of a lot of ups and downs, but more of the first ones, which is good :)

That's all, folks!
Cee Cee.

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Anonyme a dit…

you're such a good human xD
can't believe the necklace thing! that's why I don't wear any jewlery when I go "downtown".
Thanks for the comment in DA, I'll draw the March Hare for you ;D