vendredi, février 26

#57 - pasa el dedo!!!

Today, Cote, iGnaa, Gala, Marti & moi got together for the last time before going back to school for the last time too! YEEEESSS, it's our last year ö

Well, Cote & iGnaa were really tired and sleepy, so they went kind of early, actually before Martina arrived. So finally, Gala, Marti & I went to several places, but finally, to Tanta (or something like that), a really nice place. Funny thing was, that they offered us alcohol (none of us drink, plus, we're not even 18 yet), but that wasn't the fun part. It was just that right after the waiter left, we started playing with the candle he just lit, like 8-year-olds. In fact, when we already ordered I took off my camera and started taking photos of us fooling with the candle. And at one point, I said "pasa el dedo, pasa el dedo!" ("pass the finger -over the flame-!") and the waiter had just come with the order. After that, were just left wondering if the, insted of liquor, he'd offer us warm chocolate milk... +

That's all, folks!
Cee Cee.

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Macca a dit…

so cute you got together... but we dont have school for another weeks. so an extra week of holidays... if you can it that. What a tragedy.